Do you need your drain repaired ?

We offer a full drain repair service, from a minor mend to re-laying a whole drainage system, should that be needed to resolve your issue permanently.

Drain breakages are often overlooked until they cause further issues such as rodent infestations, bad smells and leakage in to building foundations.


Underground drain repairs is a specialist job. We are trained to both repair and replace damaged drains quickly and expertly saving you money and preventing problems from occurring in the future.

Drain Installation

Due to the rural nature of the area we cover, especially parts of Dorset & Somerset, many homes and businesses are not connected to mains drainage.


Instead they have their own private drainage system including septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, cess pools and soakaways.


We have built a great reputation for providing solutions to “off mains” drainage problems and can repair existing and install new systems across northern Dorset & Somerset.

Manhole Cover Replacement

If you have a broken or loose manhole cover, we can replace it for you quickly and easily.


Alternatively if you would just like to change an old rusty cover, we can come out and install a new one for you. Call Valley Drains today on 07958 335973 for a quick tidy replacement.

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