Drain Cleaning

Do You Have A Drain That Needs Cleaning?

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Drain cleaning is often viewed as an emergency service, to clear blocked drains at the time of an obstruction. However, here it is also sensible to consider the benefits that regular maintenance of drains provides.

 Whilst the majority of drain work we carry out is the clearing of blockages we can also undertake de-scaling of pipework or grease and fat build-up removal from the drainage system as a preventative measure, which provides both financial savings and peace of mind.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure jetting is a highly efficient way to rectify clogged and slow moving drains, before they become blocked. Our high pressure water jetting unit is sent down the drain, breaking down either the silt, fat or scale with its powerful force.

Always Ready To Help
It doesn’t matter if the problem has occurred at home or on a commercial premises, our technicians will respond quickly to the call, arriving at the site fully equipped with the necessary tools and skills to tackle the matter at hand.

 Coverage Across Dorset & Somerset
We cover Dorset & Somerset and will be there to respond to any drain cleaning issue as soon as possible. Simply call us today on 07958 335973 for more information or to arrange a site visit from our engineer.

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